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What Is Investment Income? Definition, Types, Tax Treatments

Having a large amount of discretionary wealth is a goal that we all have been pursuing, and the first step to achieving that goal is not to rely on salary income, but also to cover your living expenses through investment income, so that you can greatly expand the amount of discretionary money. Therefore one should invest to make money and work to make money at the same time, which is an important thing that amateur investors should do.

Making money from work is as important as making money from investments. The essence of earning money through investment is to invest a certain amount of money and then earn profits, which requires not only a certain amount of investment ability, but also the accumulation of more and more investment capital, so you have to keep accumulating investment assets in order to constantly improve the profits earned from investment. And work to earn money is an important source of accumulating investment capital, because the vast majority of ordinary people's investment capital from the work income after consumption of the surplus, which means that the speed of accumulation of funds depends on the one hand on the ability to invest, the other part depends on whether the salary income can continue to increase the investment capital, to achieve continuous expansion of investment income. Smart investors should make investments to earn money and salary accumulation complement each other. Paying attention to salary income can effectively increase the principal accumulation of assets and ensure that long-term investment behavior will not be interrupted, while improving investment ability to achieve long-term gains, so that total assets can reach a certain height as soon as possible and interests can be continuously increased.

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Money management and planning is an important ability to earn more profits. Money is scarce for every family, which requires investors to improve their real-life money management and planning abilities in addition to their continuous investment abilities, and these two abilities should be improved in the following ways.

(1) Work hard to improve the scarcity of experience and skills and increase the base income. Before financial assets reach a large amount should not delay this job, so as to maintain a stable cash flow for investment. (1) Work hard to improve your experience and skills to increase your base income.

(2) The initial amount is measured and it is more important to accumulate experience. The initial investment at work is the learning phase, and while trying to accumulate funds, you should also accumulate experience and ability to invest.

(3) Flexible use of funds, you can use bank loans appropriately. If you encounter things that need to spend a lot of cash flow, such as buying a house or a car, you should use bank loans. As long as you keep the investment income can exceed the bank interest in a high probability, you can achieve a win-win situation and maintain the amount of the investment principal.

Overall, in the early stages of investment, working to make money and investing to make money is actually a mutually reinforcing thing. Through continuous efforts to make money in the accumulation of investment capital, with the principal to improve, the accumulation of experience in capital management planning, to achieve a later stage of profit enhancement.

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