Do you know about hybrid investment funds?


If you feel that equity funds are too risky and bond funds don't meet your requirements, try to find out about hybrid funds. Of course, although hybrid funds are slightly less risky than equity funds, you should at least consider the following issues when buying them.

  1. The investment risk of stocks is much higher than bonds, the higher the proportion of stock allocation, the higher the risk of hybrid funds, and even some hybrid funds on the market have a stock allocation ratio of more than 90%, the risk of such hybrid funds will not be lower than that of stock funds. Different investors have different risk tolerance, and when buying a hybrid fund you still need to choose different types of hybrid funds according to your risk tolerance, so first of all, you need to understand the proportion of stock and bond allocations of the hybrid fund you want to buy, and investors with a strong risk tolerance can choose a hybrid fund that is stock-biased, and investors with a weak risk tolerance can choose a debt-biased Hybrid funds.

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(2) The investment ability of the fund manager

Compared with a single investment in stocks or bonds, hybrid funds have higher requirements for fund managers and require fund managers to have a more comprehensive and comprehensive development, only in this way can the return of the fund be guaranteed. When understanding a fund manager's investment capabilities, there are three aspects to analyze:

1. Work experience

In order to better grasp the market or protect against investment risks when investing, it is advisable for that fund manager to have at least 5 years of experience.

2. Historical performance

The most direct way to analyse a fund manager's investment ability is to see whether he has controlled the fund's historical performance, whether it has maintained positive returns over time and whether it has consistently outperformed the market.

3. Investment style

Everyone's energy is limited, it is very difficult to master every aspect, if a fund manager buys indiscriminately, chases the market, and does not have a stable investment style, then investing in this fund is still more dangerous.

As a kind of active fund, the requirements for fund managers are still relatively high, and we still need to know more about fund managers when purchasing.

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(3)Market conditions

Since it is a fund investment, it is best to have a general understanding of the market situation so that we can better grasp the opportunities or guard against risks when investing. When the market is good and there is a relatively obvious upward trend, buying equity-balanced hybrid funds can bring us more income; when the market is uncertain or volatile for a long period of time, it is more appropriate to choose debt-balanced hybrid funds, which can protect against risks and reduce investment risks.

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When investing in a hybrid fund, we have to consider three issues: firstly, what is the equity and bond allocation ratio of this fund, secondly, the investment ability of the fund manager, and thirdly, what is the market situation, and it is more appropriate to buy after considering these three issues.