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When you are firm in your determination and dare to put your money out for secondary income, please keep the proportion necessary for life, which is about three times your daily expenses. As mentioned in the previous article, this also requires you to have the habit of bookkeeping, whether it is the initial daily account, monthly summary, or expenditure plan. As long as there is a way to clearly know how much your daily expenditure is and how much your fixed income and non-fixed income account for, respectively, and save the part needed for day-to-day spending and emergency rescue in advance, you can start to consider entering the stock market or buying funds and national bonds.This way, you can have the energy to understand funds, bonds, and stocks.

So, the problem is that you want to buy stocks, but you don't need to know which company to buy from.He was the "fund manager." The fund manager said, "I have rich investment experience. Let me help you buy". Funds can also be divided into different types according to different investment directions: stock funds are used to invest most of the money in stocks, and bond funds are used to support most of the money in bonds. Because of different attributes, the risk of bonds is lower, so the risk of bond funds is also lower; The risk of stock funds is relatively high because they are essentially buying stocks. Stock funds include index funds with passive investment and active stock funds with active investment. This kind of fund is often recommended on the homepage of APP software. Buying it is equivalent to buying a fund manager to help you choose a basket of stocks. As for whether to win or lose, it depends on how the fund manager chooses.

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P2P means that individuals lend money to individuals or individuals lend money to enterprises. The P2P platform is the trading place for direct financing of such small funds. As long as everyone abides by the order, this should be a smart way to borrow money. However, because the current system is not perfect, you need to know whether the enterprise that has taken its own money has invested or squandered it or can pay back the money. In addition, P2P industry supervision needs to be put in place, and some P2P websites are doing it with the idea of making a fortune. In the past, many people were trapped in China's e-Leasehold, and the scams about P2P could be described as endless.

It does not mean that all P2P companies are fraudsters. However, everyone must be cautious before investing, see clearly the qualification, guarantee, trusteeship, and other critical information to reinvest, and not be blinded by the so-called "low-risk, high-yield" advertising. Crude oil futures, precious metals, and industrial collectibles are risky investments. Those who need help understanding them should not try them quickly.

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