How to Choose Financial Products


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Faced with the wide variety of financial products launched by banks, investors are often in a dilemma and do not know what choice to make. Then, the financial planner will teach you some secrets.

First of all, we should proceed from our own actual situation, analyze the future capital demand and personal risk tolerance, and then conduct a comprehensive screening. The selected products should not only have stable income, but also maintain a certain degree of liquidity.

Analyze the essence of benefits to avoid falling into traps

At present, a large number of products in the market will attract investors with fuzzy yield calculation method.

For example, some financial products advertise that their expected return rate is 9%, while the expected annual return rate of another product is 7%. In fact, the former product uses an 18 month maturity rate of return. If it is converted into an annual rate of return, it is only 9% × 12/18=6%, not higher than the latter product.

Therefore, investors should carefully analyze the essence of the product yield and compare it with the same benchmark to avoid falling into the trap of high yield.

Find out the proportion of fees to be paid for agent products

The percentage of commission or management fee charged by the bank from the income of wealth management products will directly affect the yield of the products.

Therefore, before participating in financial management, it is necessary to first find out what proportion of handling fees and management fees the bank will charge for acting on behalf of the financial product, as well as whether it can terminate (redeem) or trade in advance, and what proportion of handling fees or management fees it will pay for purchasing long-term varieties.

How to choose foreign exchange financial products?

Experts remind investors to be particularly careful when choosing foreign exchange financial products, especially those with complex structures linked to the international market launched by banks. Generally, only mature investors with knowledge of international financial markets can profit from such products.

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Select experienced banks and financial planners

At present, only banks can implement foreign exchange financing. Although there are many banks that have launched this business, each bank has different agency scope and service functions. This requires investors to analyze and compare the financial management ability and investment experience of the bank itself, comprehensively evaluate the professional level and practical experience of financial planners, and select relatively experienced banks and financial planners before choosing foreign exchange financial products.

Analyze product characteristics and select suitable varieties

The profitability of investment and financial products is mainly related to the risk return model designed by the product itself. The risk return model of the same foreign exchange financial product launched by the bank may be different. Therefore, when purchasing the same foreign exchange financial product, investors should have a full understanding of its risk return model and choose the variety that really suits them.


Although the purchase of foreign exchange financial products is a capital guaranteed operation, the existence of risks cannot be ignored. Before purchasing foreign exchange financial products, investors should not only understand their personal risk tolerance, but also analyze and understand the macro situation of the international exchange market. After seeing the macro trend, they need not be restricted to short-term market fluctuations, but also have a negative psychology. They should maintain a calm attitude, and the best policy is to remain unchanged and respond to changes.