Common misconceptions about health insurance


Many people have a bad impression of health insurance, due to lack of information or misunderstanding about regulations and benefits. And here are some misconceptions about health insurance as follows.

Healthy children do not need health insurance

Health insurance is a financial protection solution when you have an unexpected illness or accident that requires medical care and treatment. Do not be subjective when you think that if you are young and healthy, you do not need to use health insurance. Because hundreds of risks and dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer ... tend to be younger and younger, which can suddenly strike you and your family at any time. .


Low payout limit

Health insurance does not pay at the rate of 70% off-line, 100% on-line, 0% service examination... like health insurance. Instead, health insurance benefits are paid at actual cost depending on the opt-in limit. For example, the level of 2 million VND a day for inpatient treatment, 15 million VND for medical examination a year... You can be paid most or all of the cost when you check out services, stay in VIP rooms, get treatment. diseases in public and international hospitals, at home and abroad.

The cost of participating in health insurance is from 2 million VND per year, suitable for the budget of many Vietnamese families. Meanwhile, the payment level is quite high, even in many cases, you can also get pre-operative support and medical care at home 30 days after discharge. If a patient is undergoing cancer treatment or needs an organ transplant with high medical costs and expensive medicine, the level of support can reach hundreds of millions of dong.


Complicated claim procedure

In fact, asking the insurance company to pay for medical care benefits is simple, not as complicated as many people fear. If the hospital you are treating is part of a network of medical facilities that cooperate with the insurance company, you can also use the hospital fee guarantee service. At that time, the insurance company will pay directly to the hospital on your behalf, giving you peace of mind for treatment and medical care services at more than 170 medical facilities in Vietnam and 60 addresses in the country. outside.

In case you pay the hospital fees in advance with the hospital, it is necessary to collect all medical documents, financial bills ... to make a claim later. The procedure is quite simple and quick. You can ask the insurance consultant to come to your home to get the records, or go to the transaction office of the insurance company near your home for instructions.


Only applicable at the right hospital

Health insurance packages are applied at many public and private health facilities, both domestic and international, with limits depending on choice, regardless of right or wrong line. Therefore, if you want to experience international standard services at private hospitals, or go abroad for medical treatment when necessary, then health insurance is the right choice.