The Investment Skills You Must Master


For many working families, 1 million is a big number. Here I use 1 million to explain, not to say that 1 million is required for investment and financing. You can read the following instructions and make your own investment and financing plan based on your own situation.

The investment period of my 1 million yuan will be 2-3 years. In the next three years, I will pursue an average annual investment return of 19.2%, and try to avoid excessive risks. 80% of the funds will be long-term investments. According to the rule of 100, the proportion of investment in high-risk assets should not exceed "100 age". Therefore, I will invest no less than 500000 in equity funds or index funds. The specific investment method is 100000 yuan per month.

Thirdly, 30% of the capital will be invested in medium risk assets, with an expected annual return of 10%. It mainly invests in futures arbitrage products to obtain absolute returns of medium and low risks.

In addition, the remaining 20% will be invested in low-risk and high liquidity investments, namely capital guaranteed and bond funds, with an annual expected return of about 6%. I will allocate about 15% in principal guaranteed funds and 5% in bond funds.

One of the main misconceptions of financial management is that the more money you have, the less you need financial management, because financial management is for making money. In fact, it is not true. The main purpose of financial management is not to make money, but to meet future needs for cash. Making money is just a means to achieve this demand. The young people have 1 million yuan. They should set their life goals as early as possible, and then determine their financial plans.

If the middle-aged family now has a deposit of 1 million yuan, what they need to do now is to strengthen investment. According to their risk tolerance, they can consider prudent investment. As long as they maintain an annual rate of return of 10%, plus their salary income, there will be an accumulation of 2 million yuan in the fifth year or so. The second is to strengthen the security, including accident insurance, serious illness insurance, old-age insurance, as well as their own, loved ones and children. In this case, the comfortable life of a middle class is not difficult to achieve.

Due to the great uncertainty in the future, the elderly may have a large amount of expenditure. At this time, 1 million yuan may need conservative investment.

It is suggested that the elderly with 1 million can carry out four financial plans at the same time.

1. Retirement plan; You should buy sufficient commercial endowment insurance for yourself.

2. Insurance plan; With the gradual increase of the age of family members, the probability of serious diseases will also gradually increase, and the purchase of major disease health insurance and personal accident insurance should be increased.

3. Securities investment plan; In case of lack of investment skills, it is recommended to invest in cash (including deposits), balanced funds, equity funds and stocks in proportion.

4. Education investment plan; With the growth of children, the investment in education will become larger and larger. You can invest in a set of real estate by way of down payment, which can be rented to obtain rental income, and can also be used as the housing for children after they grow up.

According to my method, no matter whether you have 1 million yuan or not, you can make money and realize wealth freedom as soon as possible.

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